Bad Credit

At Affordable Cars Grimsby we specialise in arranging used car finance in Lincolnshire, whatever your credit rating!

If you are worried that having a low credit score will prevent you from being accepted for a car finance agreement, let us reassure you. While there is unfortunately no such thing as guaranteed finance, there are lenders who specifically provide poor credit car finance for applicants who have not managed to build up a good rating and those with a history of financial instability or problems.

At Affordable Cars Grimsby we believe that past financial difficulties and mistakes should not hold you back from getting behind the wheel of a car you love if you are in a stable position now. We understand that a credit record is easy to tarnish yet challenging to rebuild, and we endeavour to help people in this tricky situation to secure a fair deal on used car finance.

If bad credit car finance is something that you would be interested in, we can match you with a lender who can accommodate your needs and budget. As a broker, we work with multiple finance providers, which enables us to compare several quotes at once and gives our customers the best chance of approval.

We will consider your application even if you have

-a bad credit history
-been refused elsewhere
-CCJ's, arrears or defaults
-a low credit score
-a current IVA or have had one in the past
To apply for car finance, all you need to do is complete our easy-to-use online questionnaire. We will then send the information you provide to our lenders so that they can make a decision and produce quotes tailored to your budget and credit requirements. A member of our team will then get in touch with you to confirm that you have been approved for finance so that you can choose your perfect vehicle

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